Tips for cruising with children in Halong Bay

It is a great experience when your family can spend time travelling together. However, travelling with children can cause some difficulties for parents. Here are some tips that parents should know when joining a cruise in Halong Bay:


  • Clothes: make sure that you bring warm clothes in the winter and comfortable clothes in the summer for the children.
  • Others: you also should bring some medicine in case your children are not fine.

Safety on board

  • The safety on board is very important, especially for children, parents should:
  • Always take notice of the children, keep them in your sight.
  • Make sure that children do not climb on the handrail or the railing on boat. Children are not allowed to stand on the bow.
  • Ask the staffs on board to show you the life vests for children.

Activities on board

  • Children can join the activities on board like: cave visiting, kayaking, swimming or fishing village but they need their parentsa�� attention. Before each activity, children need to be told in advance about the safety so that they are more careful to follow the instructions.
  • Children also need to be well- equipped with life vests during all the activities.
  • The role of the tour guide and staffs on board
  • Take care more, playing and chatting with them.
  • Ask the parents if the children need to have dinner early as they need to go to bed earlier than adults.
  • Check with the parents if the menu for adults is also suitable with children; otherwise, the alternative food should be prepared.
  • Prepare some games for children.A�